After surfacing in a blacked-out makeup, John Geiger has prepared a new iteration of his 002 silhouette in time for the tail end of Mental Health Awareness Month. The footwear designer has realized his bespoke shoe in “Cream,” launching the model alongside a thematic s...


Living with the consequences of rape today in short film 'Lullaby'             (Part 1)  Read Full Article


Father's Day is just around the corner and if you haven't gone shopping for your dad or husband yet, there are a few low cost items (under $1000) we are loving for filmmaker fathers!

If the man in your life is a drone lover, a good priced drone we think is worth purchas...


As filmmakers we love to be inspired by films while we begin to make them ourselves. We start with short films and documentaries, because let's face it, they are easier and cheaper to make than feature films. But, to be honest, when I first started watching short films...


First off, "What is a matte box and why do we use them?" A matte box is tool commonly seen on film sets, THE BIG BOX ON THE FRONT OF THE LENS.

It has 2 main purposes. Funny enough, most people want it because it looks cool, makes your rig feel more complete and it gives...


We are extremely grateful to be able to have the opportunity to speak at Paramount Studios for CineGear Expo's Exclusive Screenings!

 We will be one of four filmmaker panelists who will have the chance to screen one of our latest films (an international k-pop music vide...


Smart cinematographers know that excellent filmmaking consists of more than just strong images, stabilization, dialogue  etc. Lighting correctly and creatively can give the audience a much more submerged experience.

Have you...


There's much more to being a filmmaker then getting to set and capturing beautiful shots. Filmmaking is the process of creating a story and bringing it to life, and content is 90% of that process. The other 10% is execution of the plan and film you set out to create....


The Matthews Party in Burbank is an annual SALE on grip equipment, which is awesome! ...Because who cant use more grip?

Music, food, vendors and of course rock bottom prices for all Matthews Products-- which we loaded up on, and we would recommend any start up film comp...

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