Genus Tech "GWMC" Matte Box Kit

First off, "What is a matte box and why do we use them?" A matte box is tool commonly seen on film sets, THE BIG BOX ON THE FRONT OF THE LENS.

It has 2 main purposes. Funny enough, most people want it because it looks cool, makes your rig feel more complete and it gives more production value, however, this is only true if you use it correctly.

A matte box is designed to block and cut light from entering the lens that creates unwanted lens flares. Although alot of film makers these days prefer lens flares as an intentional look, there is still such thing as unwanted light. It is also used as a filter holder for ND filters, polarizers, and special effect filters.

I won't go to deep into filters but a basic run down is: ND filters cut light going into the lens so you can stop down the lens and create more depth of field, this gives a more cinematic look. Polarizers are great for getting rid of reflections on windows and water, and special effect filters have many uses such as star/streak filters, to give stylistic look.

The "GWMC" wide angle matte box kit is a professional grade matte box, at an affordable cost. Its lightweight portability makes it easy to use with various camera setups (gimbals, tripods, handheld, cranes, etc.).

At only $425.00 the versatility of this kit is great for lenses up to 105mm. Mainly used as a clip on matte box, but can also be attached to a rail rod system for the additional support.

This kit includes:

  • Matte Box with 105mm attachment

  • Wide Angle Angle French flag with hardware

  • 6 - step down rings from 52-77mm

  • 1 - 82mm step up ring

  • Rail rod attachment

  • Dual lockable 4x4 filter trays, back tray is rotatable 360 degrees for granulated filters such as a polarizer

Check out the video below to take a deeper look at the Genus Tech "GWMC" Matte box kit:

Link to the Matte Box Kit

If you have any questions for us, leave them in the comments section below! I will be making a follow up video showcasing the uses of this kit in the field.