Filmmaker's Father's Day: Latest Gear for Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner and if you haven't gone shopping for your dad or husband yet, there are a few low cost items (under $1000) we are loving for filmmaker fathers!

If the man in your life is a drone lover, a good priced drone we think is worth purchasing for a novice pilot would be the DJI Maverick Pro. At a sale price of $899, this drone is compact, but powerful. It can fly for up to 27 minutes, speeds up to 65 mph, and most importantly has 4K resolution at 30fps and 1080 at 60fps, so you can get even beautiful slow motion footage.

This baby has 4 upgraded sensors and a new 3 axis gimbal, and a new transmission system which can give you almost 4.3 miles in range. Thats a lot of land to cover!

Right now, DJI is giving $100 off!

If spending $900 is too lavish for your Father's day budget, or he's already got a drone, check out these awesome drone skins from Drone Holic!

Under $15 and they kick ass!

A man in film can never have enough space! We love our Lacie Rugged Hard-drives and they are at a perfect price for Father's Day!

You can buy a 1T $69.99 mini-usb/ $129 thunderbolt/usb 3.0 But ON SALE for $99 NOW! 2T Thunderbolt $199 is on sale for just $169! Trust us, he will thank you!

Buy directly from our friends at Film Tools for these great deals below!

Another thing a man can never get enough of in the film world is grip equipment! The Matthews Apple Box Gift set is the perfect addition to his set up. They can be, and are used all the time, for pretty much anything-- makeshift stands for a dolly, giving low angles, adding height to actors, or even using as a quick seat on set when your tired in between shots!

This 4 piece gift set comes with all sizes (Full, half, quarter, 1/8) at only $133 and can also be purchased from Film Tools at the link below!

Want to make his Father's Day lit? Like, literally lit.... We love the LS C-120d Kit! This light is 3000K Balanced (LS C120d:6000K) and comes with a Standard Industrial Mount/Multi Accessories Acceptable. It's got an onboard ultra silent fan, lower at 18dB, dual cooling mode and dual power supply. This kit also comes with a carrying case and is priced at $645.

If he already has some good lights in his kit, how about adding a diffusion? The Aputure Light Dome is awesome! We got the rundown from Ted at Aputure during this year's Cinegear Expo and he showed us how the dome can break down or set up un only 2 seconds! That's light speed! See what we did there....light speed...not funny... Anyways, the dome itself is only $149, so a great addition to any Father's film gear collection!

Or if you're feeling generous get him the C120-D and the Light Dome combined kit for $794.

Another winner for under $1000 would have to be the SmallHD Focus! If you haven't fallen in love with these amazingly bright monitors, you're chances are, your husband or dad already has!

Currently going for $499, the Focus is a daylight viewable touchscreen monitors 2-3x brighter then most camera LCD screens with 800 nits! This means your man can be in the sun and still see what he's filming! That is incredibly important for people shooting weddings, or outdoor events or even narratives in the sun.

It's got more pixels per inch than an iPad with Retina display. Some of our favorite professional software tools included in the Focus are the Waveform tool, False Color, Focus Assist, availability to add 3D LUTs, and Pixel Zoom. All of these features make the Focus a great addition to anyone looking to add a quality monitor to their DSLR set up.

If he has cinema camera with SDI input (RED, ARRI, Blackmagic, etc.), opt for the Focus SDI version for just $599, this way it has the right connection for his camera.

They just came out with the new OLED Focus monitors, but I found it incredibly hard to see a huge difference in color for an extra $200, and instead of keeping the 800 nits that were in the original Focus, the OLED has only 350 nits. I just can't justify spending the extra money- Sorry SmallHD, I'll stick with my OG Focus.

Lastly, under $100, you can get him some dope march that will support his passion! Our friends at Camerarigz are selling some pretty cool shirts, hoodies and hats that any filmmaker would love! Shirts go for $20, hoodies $35 and hats $25.

Buy now at

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